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Cameramen Ready For Invasion, 1944/05/25

Published 1944

"Heroes with the Camera In England, Universal Newsreel pays its respects to the heroes who risk their lives to film the war. We see groups of the Navy camera men, Army combat photographers, aerial combat camera men, and several of the ace newsreel men. Each has his steel helmet adjusted and his camera loaded. Their feats of the past will be surpassed by their efforts in the future." (2) Invaders From The Sky "Lauringburg-Maxton Army Air Base, NC: With D-day approaching hourly, an unusual interest attaches to America's air borne troops as they apply the 'finishing touches' to their training. We watch camouflaged men file into gliders, ground crews stow jeeps and other mobile equipment into other gliders. Nylon ropes for towing, are adjusted. Then giant C-47 transport ships take up two gliders at a time. Over destination, parachutes plummet out of the gliders, then more chutists pour from the transport ships. Other gliders swoop to earth like angry impatient birds. Fully equipped carrier troops leap out to instantly spring to their assigned tasks. American soldiers from the sky are more than ready for invasion." (partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: RodeMaster - - January 2, 2006
Subject: Interesting but limited quality
This is a short of some of the men who went into the invasion force to film. The really poor quality transcription of this film limits the enjoyment. Many shots of B&H Model 70 or similar spring wound silent 16mm cameras. Not much content unless you like old cameras (or ever dreamed of being a battlefield cameraman!)